Meet our Neurodiversity community Ambassadors.

Our ambassadors are the driving force behind our charity as they represent everything we stand for and believe in!


photo of jaime

"Even though I have learning difficulties and being autistic I have a passion to help people and to make sure no-one is alone and afraid. This is why I became involved with Tees Valley Buddies". -Jaime


photo of alison

"I live and breathe neurodiversity, I’m a mum to two neurodiverse daughters and I want to help spread awareness that you shouldn’t be held back just because of the conditions you have" -Alison

Xavier Alan River Davies

photo of xavier

"I am passionate about raising awareness for young people with autism and other disabilities. I am also passionate that everyone should have a voice and that voice should count!" -Xavier

Chelle Waddington

photo of chelle

"After becoming a Tees Valley Buddies Neurodiversity Ambassador I just knew I wanted to be involved as much as possible. I'm incredibly passionate about giving neurodiverse people a voice in order to celebrate and normalise our differences and create equality" -Chelle


photo of joe

"I want to encourage other people to have more confidence in themselves and to be part of something that helps others be positive about being different. I am passionate about raising awareness of disability discrimination, bullying and being excluded from events and teams" -Joe


photo of bob

"I want to help people with autism, I don’t want them to have the same bad experiences as I have. I want people with autism to believe in themselves and achieve where they want to be in life" -Bob


photo of gordon

"I am passionate about raising awareness for Hidden disabilities, fair treatment and understanding with the justice system, schools not just ticking boxes and treating everyone on their own individual needs and the same for employers. I’m also keen to show people that we are actually nothing like the stereotype heavily edited television documentaries" -Gordon



"I am passionate about raising awareness of bullying, not judging people, receiving diagnosis in adulthood and giving people help and support" -Soph


photo of James

"I am keen to raise the many issues surrounding neurodiversity and will use my past contacts and varied background to achieve this.  Most people will know the famous quote ‘Carpe Diem’ (seize the day) but I have always preferred the lesser known “Carpe Omnious” (Seize Everything!)" -James


photo of Pritthijit

"I want to convey a positive message, not to give up on what you want to achieve. I have been through struggles in life as a person with a neurodiverse condition and managed to overcome them. I want to inspire others by sharing my experiences and stories" -Pritthijit



"To be able to see my own potential the way that others view me; speak up and make a difference to things that matter to me" -Amanda

Are you neurodiverse?

Do you think you will be a positive role model to help inspire and encourage other neurodiverse people?

Why not become a Neurodiversity Community Ambassador?

Join us and let's celebrate neurodiversity together!!

“Alone we can do little, together we can do so much!!!