Annemarie ADHD Story

The emotional impact that undiagnosed ADHD can have on ones life-my story;
Before being diagnosed later in life with ADHD at the age of 36 I had gone though the whole of my life feeling inadequate and a failure. I struggled more in adulthood especially in the work place. I couldn’t understand why compared to everyone else I had to work that much harder to keep on top of everything but still managed to fall behind on deadlines and work responsibilities.
The time I reached rock bottom was when I met my partner and become a Mother I couldn’t juggle the responsibilities of everyday life. I lost more & more confidence in myself and felt I was letting everyone down the feeling of complete hopelessness over came me and I fell deep into depression.
I never knew I had ADHD at the time I couldn’t explain to people how I was feeling out of embarrassment.
I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and pain syndrome.
No mental professional looked deeper to search for the root cause of my issues instead I was Prescribed a cocktail of different over the counter drugs from diazepam, morphine , Codeine amongst others.
I was on these drugs non stop for 3 years I had very little monitoring. Every time I called my GP back then complaining of pain my GP just upped my dose.
I can’t remember 3 years of my life when I was on these drugs I missed out on being a mum to my boys and a partner.
The turning point came when after being on these drugs for years I woke up and couldn’t see but blackness I was told by my doctor in hospital that these drugs were ruining my eyesight and I could end up blind.
Looking back now and doing my own research I have found that experiencing depression, mood fluctuations, anxiety, altered perceptions and cognition, and emotional instability, are all commonly associated with chronic pain. This is a result of the perceived stress that impacts the body on a physical and chemical level.
We need to look more closely not just want we see but the root course of someone’s medical symptoms.