Message from CEO

Thank you to all of our parents who filled out the parent forum. As promised we have put together a plan of action to help tackle some of the issues that were highlighted.
You can request a copy of the parent survey results report by emailing us on: or fill in the form on Contact us page
Our Plan of Action
TVB is keen to work with all stakeholders including third sector organisations and parent-led groups to build more positive and supportive relationships between these organisations and the Neurodiverse community.
We recognise that - for many - these relationships will take time to develop, as far too often, trust on both sides has been eroded. TVB aims to show that effective partnership between groups is possible but understands that this will be a process.
We will support parents and individuals through activities like our parents groups and peer support systems for as long as necessary and - where possible and appropriate - act as a voice for all in our community who need it, until such time they feel confident enough to speak for themselves.
Through our mentoring,  self-advocacy and community groups we will be fostering community involvement, pride, and confidence, as well as supporting individuals to develop more effective self-advocacy skills and self-belief.
Through our bespoke training and acceptance programmes we will be working with statutory services, education providers, and other organisations to promote inclusion and understanding of Neurodiversity and the benefits that Neurodivergent people can bring to an environment - whether in schools, as individuals or in the workplace.

Annemarie Head- CEO and Founder