National Lottery Funding

We want to say a massive thank you to the national lottery and national lottery players for funding our buddy programme next year 2022.
Your contribution means we can reach and support more Neurodivergent people living in our communities so they can thrive.
We offer the “buddy program” a mentoring and support service to help empower people with neurological and cognitive differences. So that they can learn to celebrate their neurodiverse talents, find friends, socialize, establish their place in society, connect with their local communities and live happy fulfilling lives.
The “buddy programme” also offers a support and guidance service for neurodiverse parents and carers to help empower them, to navigate their way through the SEND, health, and social care system, and to become effective advocates for all their child’s needs from birth into adulthood.
Our network is made up of neurodiverse volunteers (peer support buddies) who have different neurological and cognitive differences. This means our volunteers can help other neurodiverse people feel empowered and learn to celebrate their differences, feel valued, respected, and reach their full potential by achieving their lives goals and ambitions in order to live a happy, fulfilled life.
Tees Valley is all about preventing isolation and loneliness and giving neurodiverse people a sense of belonging. We offer a range of person-centred community opportunity activities to help neurodiverse people choose the life they want to live, feel connected to their local communities and break barriers and misconceptions.
Tees Valley Buddies also spread neurodiversity acceptance in communities, workplaces, and education settings.