Peer Support Buddies First Meetings

Hi everyone just to let you all know that we have 2 spaces available on our peer support buddy training that starts next Monday 7th 9.30-2.30 ( flexible for those parents with school children)
Training dates:
馃敼Monday 7th February- module 1- About TVBs, introduction to neurodiversity Module 2 - Selfcare and wellbeing
馃敼Monday 14th Feb- Module 3- Neurodiversity and Mental health
馃敼Monday 28th Feb - Module 4 - Safeguarding
馃敼Monday 7th March Module 5- the role of the peer support buddy (part 1)
馃敼Monday 14th- the role of the peer support buddy (part2) and Graduation
It鈥檚 at the hope foundation in town lunch and refreshments are included x
鈽呪槄Would you like to become a Peer Support Buddy? 鈽呪槄
Do you have experience of having a neurological and cognitive difference such as;
路 Autistic Spectrum Disorder
路 Dyslexia
路 Dysgraphia
路 Dyscalculia
路 Dyspraxia
路 Speech and Language disorders and Difficulties
路 Tourette鈥檚 syndrome
路 Developmental coordination Differences
路 Sensory Processing Disorder
路 Auditory Processing
路 Anxiety
路 Specific learning difficulties
路 Developmental Disabilities
路 Schizophrenia
路 Any other neurological difference/conditions
Would you like to help others who are struggling to deal with their own neurological and cognitive difference? So that they can find their place in the world instead of trying to fit other people鈥檚 ideas of 'normal'. In the hope that one day they can see the beauty and value in their brain difference and learn to love the person they were born to be.
Would you like to help people with neurological and cognitive differences who are feeling lonely and isolated get out about in their local communities?
Would you like to help people with neurological and cognitive differences who have lost their way, find their purpose and a sense of belonging?
If the answer is yes contact us at Tees Valley Buddies to find out more!