Peer Support Buddies Wanted

In January 2022 we have national lottery funding to offer a pilot one 2 one peer support buddy volunteering project, in Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland
We will be training 30 Neurodivergent volunteers to become Peer Support Buddies.
Peer Support Buddies have personal experience of having a neurological and cognitive difference such as:
Autistic Spectrum Condition
Speech and Language Disorders and Difficulties
Tourette’s Syndrome
Developmental Coordination Differences
Sensory Processing Disorder
Auditory Processing
Specific Learning Difficulties
Developmental Disabilities
Any other neurological difference/conditions
Peer Support Buddies help others who are struggling to deal with their own neurological and cognitive differences
In supporting them to find their place in the world instead of trying to fit into society's ideas of 'normal'.
In the hope that one day they can see the beauty and value in their brain difference and learn to love the person they were born to be.
Peer Support Buddies also help people with neurological and cognitive differences who are feeling lonely, isolated, to get out and about in their local communities, find purpose and a sense of belonging.
Individuals who feel they would benefit from a peer support buddy must meet the following criteria:
🔹 live in Middlesbrough or Redcar and Cleveland
🔹be Neurodivergent either diagnosed, on the pathway, self diagnosed or on their Neurodivergent self discovery journey.
🔹feel isolated, not part of their community or able to live life to the fullest due to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, self harming, suicidal thoughts etc
🔹or a past/ present traumatic event such as being a survivor of domestic abuse, mate crime, hate crime, sexual abuse, grooming etc.
🔹or struggling to deal with their brain difference or low confidence and self-esteem
To find out more about becoming a peer support buddy volunteer or if you would like support from a peer support buddy than please get in-touch.