Thank You Taxi Driver Jack and Red-car Taxis

Thank you taxi driver Jack and Red-Car Taxis for going that extra mile in supporting one of our members by showing random acts of kindness.
We want you to know that you are making a “huge difference” in the lives of our neurodiverse community.
One of our Autistic members have contacted us as they feel you deserve a special thank you and as a neurodiverse charity we want to show our appreciation.
Our member commented below
“ I ended up being in the middle of an autistic meltdown by the time he had go to me (bus i was supposed to get never turned up so ended up being late). I ended up crying my eyes in the back of his taxi and he remained calm, asked if he needed to stop to get me a drink or anything; kept talking to me and went above and beyond to make sure i was alright. Still ended up being late to where i needed to be but he made sure to get me there as quick and as safe as possible” 🥲😊
Jack also given this member his mobile number and told her that she can contact him if she needs a taxi. This is a greatly reassuring for our member who struggles with anxiety.
🔹Has a worker, business, organisation, service or member of our community made a difference to you in anyway?
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