Public Transport Survey

Tees Valley Buddies is all about preventing isolation and loneliness and giving neurodiverse people a sense of belonging!
As a neurodiverse peer support and self advocacy charity, we have made it our mission to make a difference in the lives of our neurodiverse community, by empowering and supporting everyone in this community to have a voice that matters. Especially those that may feel marginalised, neglected and invisible in society.
A few weeks ago at our self-advocacy group, we discussed the problems and issues we face accessing public transport.
It was flagged that many of us struggle and find using public transport very challenging.
Many of our members have said they would love to come to our groups but they fear leaving their homes. Some have had bad experiences when using public transport, from bullying and harassment, to drivers and members of the public questioning them on their hidden disability status.
We are putting together a campaign to further address these issues, in the hope that we can make “public transport accessible for all."
Are you neurodivergent?
Do you live in the Tees Valley area?
Do you use and rely on public transport?
If your answer is yes!
Please tell us more about your experiences by clicking on the link below & filling out our public transport survey.
The more people that respond the more chance we have to make a difference.
“Let’s work together to create a community where everyone belongs.”
Thank you.