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Supporting Autistic, ADHD and otherwise neurodivergent adults whether you’re self identified, waiting for an assessment or previously diagnosed. We’re here to offer you a community whatever position you’re in. 


Your community

Spending time with those who can relate to stands at the heart of improving well-being and mental health for neurodivergent individuals. We offer support with predominantly neurodivergent volunteers and staff in order to ensure an environment that works to offer relatable support and understanding. We don’t have past experiences, we continue to share lived experiences that help to form the support we offer to you. 

I’m glad I’m finally starting to get my life back on track! Couldn’t of happened if it wasn’t for this group, so thanks for all your support “ - Tees Valley Buddies Member  


“ Feeling like I can do whatever I need to do in the moment is huge. I haven't had that before. I feel like my identity is validated and accepted ” - Tees Valley Buddies Member


I finally feel valued and safe having a community to call my own. I’ve made friends and found a purpose thanks to TVB ” - Tees Valley Buddies Member


“ Loved making new friends and meeting a whole community of like minded people. “ - Tees Valley Buddies Member