About Us

Tees Valley Buddies is a small charity creating a community and a sense of belonging among neurodivergent people within the Tees Valley area of the north east.


We provide regular social activities such as walk and talks, well being activities in the tees valley area with an emphasis on lived experience offering peer support with neurodivergent volunteers. Having a member led approach to services and support allows us to build trust and have a deeper understanding of what you, our service users.


Our Story 

Tees valley buddies was established in 2020 to fill a gap in services that allows the voices of Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic, Dyspraxic and otherwise neurodivergent people to stand at the heart of support. A community where people can find a sense of belonging among those that share in each others experiences. Not only among service users but from those running and working within our charity.


In order to create a service surrounding lived experience the foundations and ideas needed to be developed from the knowledge and authentic experiences of neurodivergent people themselves. 


“Community isn’t something that can be created for you. It’s a natural occurrence between those that share experiences, struggles and joy together as a whole. Tees Valley Buddies thrives and continues to grow because our neurodivergence stands at the centre of everything we do ” 

Our Mission

Well being and community stand at the heart of any person’s fulfilment in life. Tees valley buddies are passionate about building a neurodivergent community to allow for Autistic, ADHD and other neurodivergent people to be able to have a sense of belonging and authentically be themselves. 


By creating social opportunities we are able to hold a safe space and offer relatable support by using lived experience and peer support to offer a deeper understanding and compassion for our service users. Trust is naturally built with our neurodivergent volunteers and staff members through our shared vulnerability and experiences. Services are adapted with a lived experience and member-led approach to support those regardless of diagnosis to live fulfilling day to day lives.