Please note that we are a small team that values equality among both our members and those facilitating our community. This supports us to foster trust, create a safe space for neurodivergent people and model our own experiences as a way of support. 


You will less likely find volunteers or management in the office but instead facilitating groups and offering peer support in the community and because of this we cannot offer any drop-in appointments. 


Are you looking to share our service with someone accessing your service?

Each week, we hold a walk and talk at Stewart park, Middlesbrough. We’re all neurodivergent here and like to be prepared, so we ask that you get in touch prior to attending and provide contact details for yourself and the person accessing your service.


We’ve found it to be highly beneficial for those accessing services, to be introduced and help to overcome the initial barrier of attending a new group. The walk is a low demand, no pressure introduction to many of our team and members suitable for all abilities and adaptable if necessary. The focus is community over a walking activity itself so perfects for all established members, new members and professionals to get to know us alike.  


Respecting neurodivergent culture and neuroaffirmative practices 


As an organisation, we are very passionate about allowing our neurodivergent team the accommodations and space required to be able to give their best. 


Emails are often our preferred form of contact but patience to allow the time for us to get back to you is essential. Autistic burn out can be hugely debilitating and our team is supported as much as our members. 


Charity updates 


Please note that the website is a basic form of information. Updates are provided to our members directly so it’s vital that you get in touch prior to arranging anything with a new member. 


Contact can be made to