Right where we belong

When we promote lived experience and peer support, it's vital for us to continue services with a member-led approach with those accessing our services and the needs that are important to them, guiding us with the support we offer.

Neurodivergent people make up the majority of our volunteers and staff, so naturally are offered the same access to support that members have. Collectively we share our neurodivergent perspectives and experiences as opposed to management lead growth.

We pride ourselves on working outside of the box. This isn’t because other approaches are wrong, but because as a team we have found practices and procedures that are tailored to our own perspectives, through: trial, error, understanding and lived experiences.

Other services may see weakness or a need to build confidence but our charity has been built on the efforts of everyone as a team. No singular person is required to give someone something they are lacking. Together we have encouraged each other and seen the value we all bring. We haven't focused on strengths or low self esteem but instead on pride and belonging within a community.

It may not be volunteer week but after some changes within the charity, the community we have has only grown stronger. We are PROUD to be neurodivergent, we are proud of each other and any value that someone brings as a member, volunteer or staff member is valued. We don’t need others to believe in us and teach us how to achieve more. We don’t need approval and acceptance. We stand true to ourselves and what we can achieve together as a community. We stand PROUD to belong. Not because society encourages us to, but because we have real value no matter the extent of our abilities or how impressive our achievements are. We belong, simply because we exist.

If you’d like to learn more about joining our community, we welcome you to come chat to us at our Drop in’s Monday 1-3pm. Dan, Lucie and Chelle are available to answer any questions you may have and introduce you to the many members that make up our thriving charity.